(English) New Communication Device from Brazilian Start-up Ualah Simulates Teleportation

Brazilian start-up Ualah announces the launch of Arcah, its new teleportation simulation technology. Through the use of special glasses and revolutionary technology, Arcah allows users in separate locations the ability to communicate and interact as if they were speaking face to face.


A new technology device now makes it possible for two or more people in separate locations to communicate and interact as if they were in the same place. Created by the Brazilian start-up Ualah, the Arcah system takes its users through a simulated teleportation.


Arcah technology utilizes Immersor, a set of special glasses that allows the user to look at his body in first-person, which is then inserted in real time in a simulated scenario. The Immersor glasses give users the realistic sensation that they have been transported to a different place and are interacting face to face with other people.

“Look to your body and imagine that everything around you is a simulation. This is ‘Arcah,’ your physical body’s image captured, seen in first-person, through different projected scenarios,” says Martin Ignacio Izarra, co-founder of Ualah.


Aside from detecting one’s body movements in the digital projected space, the Immersor glasses allow users to combine other online programs and applications and to navigate and communicate with other users in the workplace and elsewhere. “People that use Arcah felt immersed inside a simulated scenario and teleported to a different place,” says Ualah co-founder Leo Souza.


Arcah will be available to the public as a free beta version, utilized via computer webcams, in December 2009. Ualah expects to launch the commercial version by 2010 for $1,500 per device. The company believes in the authenticity of its product innovation and is taking the necessary legal steps to protect its copyrights internationally.

For more information, watch the video at www.arcah.comor call 1-415-670-9579


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